Timeless & Spaceless Business.

Highly efficient and highly profitable businesses are solving the problem of space and time.

Money flows to ordered systems of maximum simplicity.

Many businesses fall into a trap due to the leader’s short sighted, tunnel approach to serving its clients. In all cases, there is an untapped potential for efficient growth. I am going to show you how to access that potential.

The one and the many

Conscious evolution is an ascension toward light.

At the level of light, there is no time, space, mass or charge.

That which is timeless, spaceless, massless and charge-less therefore indicates the direction of evolution.

In today’s business landscape, those qualities are characterised by the internet.

Online business is The Master Key.

From the point of view of solving problems and serving people, the internet is by far the most efficient medium of delivery that we have today. 

If you haven’t yet started a business, it is wise to start online before (if ever) moving offline. 

If you have already started a business, it is wise to move as many touch points online as you can.

The 5 touch points I have defined are your: Lead Generation, Rapport Generation, Sales Generation, Distribution and Product.

Your perfect business model will combine: Skill, Love, Service & Money.

You must offer some skillset, knowledge, ability or expertise.

You must love the work, not just the reward.

You must be serving real needs with it.

You must be able to efficiently and fairly monetise it.

Within this niche, you must establish real pains & problems to solve.

Within this niche, you must establish real dreams & goals to assist with.

Solving pains & problems is to provide a pain killer.

Assisting with dreams & goals is to provide a vitamin.

While both play an important role, remember that it’s easier to sell pain killers than vitamins.

The avoidance of predator is a stronger buying motive than the receiving of prey.

At this retreat, you are going to evolve your business more than you could previously comprehend.

As you return to the real world, nothing will ever quite be the same for you.

We are literally going to build a new business dynamic that will allow you to be Ubiquitous.

Some of the key lessons at the retreat will be:

  • The Principles of Esoteric Money
  • Common Myths & Traps in Business
  • Your Business Purpose – Extension of You
  • Ideas for Your Business Products & Services
  • Product Builder
  • Seven Considerations to Business Wealth
  • Timeless & Spaceless Business
  • The Negentropic EcoSystem
  • Building Your Empire
  • The Most Efficient & Evolved Product System
  • Attracting Money & Cash Flow
  • Leveraged Business Assets
  • The Exponential Scale Effect
  • Products, Territory, Market
  • Crafting Your Offer
  • Highly efficient Sales Funnels
  • Efficient Business Management & Review
  • High Priority Attack Plan
  • Mental Blocks & Setbacks
  • The Master Key to Subscription Products
  • Types of Subscription Models
  • Build Your Subscription Product/Service
  • Understanding Churn
  • Client Lifetime Value
  • How Much to Charge
  • Building Unimaginable Wealth
  • Revolutionary, Income Shifting Tools for Quantum Growth
  • Relaxation & Vitality
  • Masterminding & fine cuisine
  • Light the Elite groups energy and motivation
  • Much, Much More…

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Ticket inc VAT (Full)
Ticket (3 Monthly Instalments)
£720 (Incl VAT) Deposit then 2 Monthly Instalments of £720 (Incl VAT)

On arrival day there will be a meet and greet where all of of the Elite can enjoy a cocktail or two and some light snacks whilst they get acquainted with one another and their hosts.
There will also be the option of ordering a meal at the bar but this will be down to each individual and their arrival time.

After breakfast all of the Elite will be picked up at the hotel entrance by a luxury transportation. You will chauffeured from your hotel to the main mastermind Villa where you will be greeted by Jason and the team.
The session starts at 9:30am sharp following some objective planning & introductions.
You will be served with light refreshments mid morning, and there will be a break for one hour at lunch, where there will be a buffet style selection of hot and cold food to choose from as well as cold beer, wine, tea, coffee and fresh juice. After lunch you will return to the session where you will have more refreshments mid afternoon which will include, soft drinks, tea, coffee, beer or wine, dependant on your personal preference. Fresh water will be available throughout the day at all times.

The session will finish at 17.00 where you will then have the opportunity to use the pool or one of the many bedrooms to freshen up for the evening. The Elite Networking Dinner will be from 19.00 at a very well known fine cuisine Restaurant in the local harbour, which is a short walk from the Villa. The minibus will take all guests from the restaurant back to the hotel at around 23.00.

The Elite will be picked up by the same luxury transportation as Day One and return to the main mastermind Villa. The session will start at 09.30am and you will be provided with refreshments at 10.30am. A lunch break will take place at 12.30 where you will once again have a selection of hot and cold food to choose from as well as soft drinks, tea, coffee, fresh juice, wine and beer. The session will re commence at 13.30 promptly. There will once again be refreshments served mid afternoon and the session will end at 16.00. The transportation will take you back to your hotel where you will be free to enjoy all the facilities your hotel has to offer, such as yoga, gym, spa, swimming pool and beautiful scenery and bars (expenses for these are not covered in the ticket price).
At 19.00 you will make your way to a local cocktail bar which is walking distance from your hotel, where you will meet your hosts for pre dinner drinks. You will then head to an exclusive restaurant for an exquisite dinner with sea views out across the harbour.

On the morning of departure there will be an optional breakfast meeting for all Elite guests to attend in the hotel at 08.00am, this is just an opportunity to ask any question you may have, set goals for your new business models and for everyone to say goodbye..... until the next retreat.

No, flights will not be included as there are multiple attendees who are all located in different parts of the country/world who will need to book flights to suit their schedules.

There is a taxi rank directly outside the airport that has a constant flow of taxis. You will be provided with a full address for the event once your ticket has been purchased.

We would suggest bringing your laptop/iPad or your preferred method for note taking. Note pads and pens will also be provided.

Sure. However all attendees will need their own ticket.

The main sessions will be held at an exclusive villa. You will be taken to and from your hotel by luxury transportation on both days.

Yes, on day two you will have time to yourself, we want you to get the most out of the retreat so this is limited.

Event Details